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Der Kick | The Kick

In “The Kick”, film director Andres Veiel takes up the trace of the “Potzlow murder case”: in July of 2002, two brothers abused and killed a 16 year-old in Potzlow. The case was quick to be written off as an act of right-wing extremists. This production, invited to both the Berliner Theatertreffen and the Mülheimer Stückemarkt, combines conversations with the brothers themselves, their parents, friends of the victim, the state prosecutor and village residents into one powerful documentary about how we deal with strangers and the strange.

Fri 23.6. 19.30 h

Writers: Andres Veiel und Gesine Schmidt | Director: Andres Veiel | Set and Costume Design: Julia Kaschlinski | Lighting Design: Gerd Franke
Cast: Susanne-Marie Wrage | Markus Lerch
Andres Veiel and Gesine Schmidt
“The Kick” is a documentary-style play, created by Andreas Veiel (born 1959), a man who predominantly works as a film director. Since 1980, Veiel has worked on developing his own film scripts, short films, plays and theatre productions. It was with his film “Black Box BRD” that he made a breakthrough with German audiences, winning him a large following.

Plays 2006

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